Tony Wright

December 22, 2016

“I came to Mike after a knee injury, post-surgery and having just completed physical therapy. The injury limited my mobility through the winter which made couch lounging my preferred activity. I needed to get back on track, take off the weight I’d gained and build strength through my legs and core.

Mike was able to assess my situation and tailor a program that would push me while taking care that my knee was always protected and not overworked. And as a man in my early…okay mid 40’s, I come with other aches and pains which Mike has always been willing and able to address with his knowledge and skills as a licensed massage therapist. The experience transcends beyond just trainer/client. It’s clear Mike has a genuine concern for my success and an innate ability to know my limits. He knows when to push and to ease off, whether it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before or whether I had a bad day at work. It’s always very grounding to check in with Mike knowing he has my back. He’s incredibly focused during our training. Even when people try to talk to him, he’s polite and responds but it’s clear he is 100% with me, ensuring proper form, which is so important.

I’m down about 10 pounds with some more to go and still struggle with injuries and joint issues. But I’ve gained confidence and strength, neither of which you can put a price on.  Consistency is the key. And keeping that appointment three times every week with Mike has ensured my success. It’s been a great experience so far. I’d recommend Mike without hesitation and I look forward to continuing to get stronger and more confident with his dedicated assistance.”

4/17 Update!