Jaime Darce

December 22, 2016

In May of 2016, I began training with Mike D’Amico and it was truly a life altering experience.

Mike put me through rigorous and challenging training sessions, but after every session I left feeling accomplished and rewarded.  I found his attention to detail to be very impressive; he not only corrected my body position during exercises, but also proved to me how breathing correctly through a challenging exercise could make a big difference in the execution. Mike’s knowledge goes beyond effective weight training; when my weight loss plateaued after 3 months, he provided a nutritional plan that helped me lose weight again. Mike shows his commitment to his clients by making himself available, often responding to training questions via email or text, even during his off-hours. More importantly, Mike is such a genuine and personable guy, extremely mature for someone his age and very professional. It was a real pleasure training with him.

Over the six months I trained with Mike, I lost 25 pounds and gained strength and muscle mass.  I also gained the ability to do something as trivial as weighted push-ups, and more profound as a new perspective on exercise. I don’t see my gym routine as a chore, I see it as a part of my life.  I now go to the gym five times a week and when I miss a day, I don’t feel right. One of the biggest lessons Mike taught me was to not waste time fretting about going off my nutrition/exercise plan; instead, just get back on it and start again.  This is how Mike helped me alter my life – and I am very grateful to him for that and everything he’s taught me.

Before, early 2016

After November 2016.