Stuff Anyone Can Do Today To Lose 20 Pounds: Sugary Drinks Got To Go

Changing habits is all about looking at the negative behaviors we do and solving those in order to nourish a macro goal. Please refer to my first blgo regarding changes ANYONE can make in order to lose 20 pounds!

Stuff Anyone Can Do Today To Lose 20 Pounds 1/5: Ditch The Trigger Foods

As I mentioned in the previous blog… picking at trigger foods will contribute a great deal to someone’s overall calorie intake. Oreos, chips, anything sweet or savory that is hyper palatable and dense calorically will be bad news for people. Especially if they are in the house. The central theme here is calories.

Calories rule the day when it comes to determining body composition. It is the greatest indictator for someone in reflection to their diet.

Just as food choices play an enormous role in determining our body comp. Drink choices play as big…if not a BIGGER role in determining this.

How often do we see someone sitting at a desk drinking a 16oz sugary beverage? Drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, sweet tea, Gatorade, or other fruit juices. These drinks literally offer little to no nutritional value. It has no sustainance other than sugar, food coloring, and carbonation. If you truly are serious about losing weight and you drink these beverages on a regular basis you are lying to yourself about being serious.

If you drink even 1-2 cans of Coke per day this will add close to 80 grams of sugar per day. Of course this also comes with no fiber, vitamins, or minerals of any sort. So you practically added 312 calories worth of sugar water to your diet. 312 calories that won’t make you feel less hungry or energize you for a long period of time.

The remedy on this one is simple. If you are serious about losing weight, you need to be honest with yourself about your drink choices. If you want to lose weight but are unwilling to give up sugary beverages the chances is good that you do not truly care about the process of fat loss.


Strategy To Help You While At Your Desk

If you work a desk job that requires long hours worth of sitting. Make sure you always have water on hand with you. Most people who want the sugary drink typically do so out of boredom. So having water on hand will clear up many people’s habits of going for the soda. If you absolutely need to have some form of carbonated beverage at your desk your options are either diet soda or seltzer water. Diet soda gets alot of bad rap from popular health news outlets. But it has not been shown to be harmful in moderation!


This one is simple. If you want to move forward with losing your first 20 pounds and keeping it off you need to be willing to give up sugary beverages as part of regular diet. The added calories will not be missed as long as you replace the soda with water instead.