Principles To A Stronger Squat Episode 5: Be Consistent!

Principle #5: BE CONSISTENT

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Consistency Wins The War!

This one does not require a PHD in astrophysics to figure out. Squatting is a difficult move to perform. Therefore, so many people half-ass them or don’t even do them! With that said it is easy for us to slack off on tasks that are difficult in nature. Consistency is the main issue for so many of us today because we live in a go-go world. Trust me, I live in Boston and understand a thing or three about living in the fast lane!

Reasons We Lack Consistency

Like most things in life too, if you half-ass the process, you’ll most likely obtain half-ass results. One missed workout will not derail an effort. But multiple missed workouts over a span of a few weeks/months very well may. Reasons for missing workouts are essentially all the same.

1.You lack time in your life.

You are busy with kids, school, or work. Plan your time accordingly to make time to train. This is why many facilities open at 5am. To allow busy bodies to get their workouts in earlier in the day! Or go at night. There is always a way to train. We all have reasons that make training difficult. The sooner we don’t feel sorry for ourselves the better off we’ll be!

2.You are hurt.

Refer to my mobility principle for this one. If you are injured to the point where you cannot perform a body weight squat you should refer to a physical therapist for that. But if you consistently have nagging injuries that seem to always pop up strength training maybe what you need. Being hurt does not jive with consistency. Strength training creates a more resilient body. And if you present it with progressively heavier load over time, it will adapt and make you less likely to get injured. This is assuming you have no other mobility/movement faults.

3. You lack motivation.

This one is tricky. But oftentimes motivation stems from either a lack of direction, or boredom of the process. I for one find that my motivation lacks when I feel I am doing the same thing over and over again and seeing little to no results. This is where coaching comes into play. Coaching whether that be online or in-person can create a great way to continue to make progress in the long term. This will take the guess work out of your training by allowing someone to provide more objective feedback, instead of you relying on your own judgement, which at times can be off in times of feeling down!

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