Principles To A Stronger Squat Episode 2: Select Appropriate Accessory Movements!

Principle #2: Select Appropriate Accessory Movements

If you’re reading this without knowing my first principle… please refer to my first principle!

If you want to increase your squat will you just throw a bunch of meaningless isolation movements in? If you answered yes, then I encourage you continue reading. We want to have movements that complement them. Exercises like lunges will strengthen the quads to provide better leg drive. Since the quads are the primary knee extensors in the body. Or working a variation of the squat maybe helpful! So an exercise like a front squat!

If you have a tough time driving your hips out of the hole and into an extended position you may need glute training. If you have a tough time controlling the barbell when sinking INTO the hole, you may need hamstring work. Since Your hamstrings will play a big role in controlling the bar on the way down. So, exercises like good mornings, or glute ham raises maybe a key player!

Don’t Over Prioritize!

You do not need to plan all your accessories around the squat, but some planning will make the process more efficient. Because being a good squatter is a much more intricate process than just “squatting”. Although you can’t be great at the lift without DOING the exercise.

This also plays into the earlier point about frequency. By training our legs more frequently this will take away the stress of needing to perform more sets to progress on it. This leads into my next point.

Nervous System Fatigue

Another reason to pick accessories that help complement the squat is because barbell squatting is a taxing exercise for the central nervous system. If all we do is try to squat to get stronger, you won’t last too long. You need to pick smaller movements like lunges that require less weight to get a training effect. That way you can maintain the stimulus on the muscle and joints without overly fatiguing your body.


Selecting exercise based on your weaknesses in the squat will play a large role in being strong overtime and preventing injury!

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