Principles To A Strong Squat Episode 3: Stay Mobile & Stable!

Principle #3: Stay Mobile & STABLE (MOVEMENT WISE)!

Please refer to Principle #2 before reading into this one!

If your body moves like Jabba the Hut, your squats will probably resemble something like it! The squat is THE most demanding exercise to one’s skeletal system as a whole. Dead lifts, chin ups, bench press, and even Romanian dead lifts do not present the mobility demands that a set of barbell back squats do. We need full body mobility and stability through our abs and glutes. If we lack it we risk painful episodes down the road. The truth about mobility is that you will not be as strong as you can be if your mobility is lacking. Yes, performing the exercise itself WILL improve it to some extent. But if your body does not have baseline mobility & stability demands you will risk injury. And if you’re mobile but lack stability, your squats will probably still be poorly executed.

*Note: You may not hurt today, or the next day. But if you have terrible baseline movement chances are you WILL have a painful episode that will sideline you at some point! Literally full body mobility is preferred.


More mobility= Great degrees of tension on your back.


If your hips are stiff you will not be able to fully sink into the squat. And you will not be able
to utilize the muscles such as the gluteus maximus. And instead of allowing the hips to
absorb the weight, a lot of the tension will be placed on the low back and knees. Which are
terrible long-term plans!


If your back is stiff you will eventually end up with some gnarly back injury as you progress.


If you have stiff ankles your knees will shoot forward and risk knee pain.

Anterior Core (Abs)

You abs are like the brake pads for the body. They allow the body to stay
rigid under load. If you lack strength here, your squat will be painfully limited!
Here is a squat mobility program that you may include for two separate
1. Prior to squatting
2. Off days where you’re not training.
Having a program that includes stability and mobility prior to squatting will be the
elephant in the room for you being the BEST squatter you can be if it is not



Mobility is certainly not the sexiest thing in the world. It doesn’t “sell newspapers” per se. But doing the little things repeatedly overtime will reflect in LONG TERM progress!

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