Online Coaching

What Does Online Coaching Look Like?

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Online coaching is a phenomenal alternative to personal training to continue to allow you to stay on track for your workouts. Weekly check-ins and monthly workouts help to take all of the thinking out of your routines.

“So it’s like your just training them online through Skype?”

No, it is more hands-off which allows you to go at your own pace! Some prior training experience is necessary for this method to be effective.

Don’t freak out about what your routine will be. I’ll work with you to develop a routine that is right for you.

D’Amico Fitness diet guidelines will also help you reach your goals. I don’t believe in food removal or magical supplements.  A flexible dieting protocol that accommodates a variety of foods you love and outline deficiencies and proficiencies in the diet will help you to accomplish your goals.

Guided Workouts At Your Convenience

Online training allows people with busy lifestyles to still get the training and guidance they need to push them towards established goals.

Go right to your workout without any stress about what needs to be done that day.

Less time thinking and more time working towards your goals!

Stay in touch with me about how workouts went! It’s online but its far from hands off!

What it entails:

  • Monthly workouts (adjusted and modified in month where needed)
  • Nutrition GUIDE LINE (NOT a diet plan)
  • Texting support
  • Email support

Who Benefits from Online Coaching

Individuals looking to be pushed at their convenience around their busy lives will flourish under the online coaching protocol!

Service Costs:

*All services are first two months money back guarantee. If you think my coaching is not right for you, no questions asked, everything is 100% refunded per every 2 month cycle!

Nutrition Programming: 119$/month:

What it entails:

Nutrition programming that allows the client to incorporate foods they enjoy and facilitate daily habits to promote long standing changes to your diet. My goal is to get you to FIRE ME because you’re nutrition is a well-oiled machine!

  • Weekly check-ins
  • Text support
  • Email support
  • 25$ initial 1 hour  Initial Consult

Training Programming: 149$/month

What it entails:

Physique, power lifting, or overall daily living. I will formulate a workout that works best for you and your goals! Note: Experience required. Proficiency in the lifts given is suggested. We will work closely to ensure everything is done exactly how I would like it to be!

  • Weekly lifting check ins
  • Weekly check ins
  • Text support
  • Email support
  • 25$ 1 hour initial consult

Nutrition/Training Programming (Full Service) : 199$/month

What it entails: A combination of nutrition and training as outlined above!

  • Complementary Initial Consult
  • Weekly check ins + weekly lift check ins
  • Text Support
  • Email support