Muscular Therapy

Clinical Movement Therapy & Correction

I do not call myself a “Massage Therapist” despite what my license in massage therapy implies! I do Clinical Movement Therapy. Hands-on treatment for clients can bridge the gap between client and trainer/coach. For clients in pain or have limited movement abilities, the right correction plan can make even the most chronic of injuries be a thing of the past.  Pain is not something you should live with!

What I Do

Movement history to explore all the past activities and potential traumas that led you to where you feel now.

Initial assessment tools to help look for asymmetries within your specific body. Followed by a determination into what type of treatment would be ideal for you.

Muscular massage therapy to help assess tight & overworked tissues in the body to find what the damaged or missing link is in the chain.

Identify your strengths and weakness. Create you custom plan to get you back to your routine.

DAmico Fitness Muscular Therapy


Clinical movement  sessions take place at Beverly Athletic Club.

In-Home consults are welcome outside of 20 miles, subject to travel expenses.

Neurokinetic Therapy