In-Person Training

I do in-person personal training out of one of the best health clubs on the North Shore, Beverly Athletic Club, which has programs for all ages and experience levels!

Training Benefits All Fitness Levels

D’Amico Fitness offers regularly scheduled personal training sessions – from guidance for beginners to training regimens for intermediate, advanced, and competition athletes. Our personal training encompasses regimented accountability to help you to stay on top of your workouts day in and day out and make the improvements you want to make!


D’Amico Fitness Beginner Programs:

I love working one-on-one with clients who are new to fitness and weight training.  Beginner clients are always motivated and have no bad training habits!  Beginners working with D’Amico fitness benefit in several ways:


  1. Properly learning classic core movement patterns like squatting, lunging, rowing, and pressing – these movements are the most beneficial to overall body strength, Conditioning, and flexibility. They’re classics for a reason.
  2. Maintaining exact and proper form so that your fitness goals are not derailed by injury or getting sucked by into your bad habits.
  3. Focusing on hammering the foundation movement patterns to create success in every facet of training.
  4. Keeping motivated! Trying to start something new without any help can create stress, which in turn, will weaken motivation over time. By committing to personal training, we are both accountable for your workouts.

D’Amico Fitness Intermediate/Advanced Training Programs:

At D’Amico Fitness, experienced clients can take their training to the next level in a supportive and positively-charged motivational setting.  Gone are the days of the drill sergeant trainer who is looking to drive you into the ground! Have you ever found your daily workout routine spiral into in the whirlwind of constant over analysis? Have one goal and then have it changed for you the next day? The next  week? I have done that many times myself. I was overwhelmed by these “yo-yo” workout plans and unable to assess my own goals and what was needed for me! At D’Amico Fitness, Advanced and Intermediate clients benefit from:


  1. Optimized client-specific workouts designed to leverage peak energy and endurance without working out for too long and putting one’s self in line for injury. As the legendary Lee Haney said, the goal is to “stimulate the muscle, don’t annihilate the muscle.”


  1. Ensuring sufficient focus on overcoming training resistance. It is not true that any exercise will yield significant benefits. Unless you train properly, the body will not respond and adapt to help you get stronger. Each training program from D’Amico Fitness relies on exercises and techniques related to your goals.  There are no canned solutions for any client.  A proper training program must consider a variety of factors (goals, age, injury history, timeframe) to achieve success.


  1. Having a second opinion to objectively monitor progressions and regressions in a time of a mental rut can help push you forward! Motivation and accommodation will give you a great drive to bringing you to the next level of the fitness