About Me!

Mike DAmico Fitness

Michael C. D’Amico LMT CPT

My name is Mike D’Amico and I am the owner of D’Amico Fitness.  I am a Licensed massage therapist and a certified personal trainer.  I am committed to providing the highest level of personal performance training in the safest manner possible.  Your goals are my goals. My training program are not simply lists of “do”s and “don’t”s.  Each client training program I create is specifically customized for each client and their specific needs.

What I Do

I train clients with a wide variety of fitness, strength, and rehabilitation goals.  Some clients want to lose body fat; some want to be the strongest/leanest they’ve ever been.  I also work with clients who have injury-specific rehabilitation and sport and competition goals.  If you are committed to a Better, Stronger You, then I can help.

Finding the connection between an optimal training, nutrition, and prehab is the backbone of my training philosophy. My philosophy is that optimizing training means working “smarter” not “harder”. My programs are multi-factorial. I never make “pre-made” workouts and they most certainly will be tailored to fit your needs.

Who I Am

Growing up I always wanted to be strong and sought out physical challenges to conquer.  My own successes (and failures) led me to pursue a career in the science of physical fitness – training people into the best shape of their lives! I believe health truly is wealth, and you cannot put a value on waking up every day feeling ready to conquer the world! Your health is an investment: invest early and often, the returns on it when you’re older will leave you feeling great for your whole life.  I am truly just like you, we all go through similar everyday struggles. I love to eat, I enjoy a drink or two at times, I am JUST LIKE YOU. Finding balance in your life between training, work, and loved ones is key.  With the right training program, you will see benefits in all areas of your life – not just the time you spend in the gym.

I love what I do; I love helping people obtain their fitness goals! I created D’Amico fitness so I could share a critically thought out, non-biased training philosophy it took me years to learn and develop on my own.

I also love to wear blue shirts and deadlift & squat really heavy things! (I hate bench pressing but I do it (and do it well) because power lifting competitions make me) I have a passion for power lifting and the prep that goes into competitive and noncompetitive platforms.  Finally, I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others – that’s why I started D’Amico Fitness: the best way to a Stronger, Better you.