About Me!


This is the home page for myself, Mike D’Amico. I am a coach out of Salem, MA. Just north of Boston.

What I Do

I train people who are willing and able to put a barbell in their hands. I have 6 years of coaching experience ranging from general population, rehab, youth athletes, and into competitive powerlifting. I have settled into a passion for all things squatting, bench pressing, and dead lifting.

Who I Am

My name is Mike D’Amico and I am a coach north of Boston. I am a competitive powerlifter spending most of my competitive lifting career in the USAPL. I always loved training but the team aspect of the game of football wore off after high school and I soon quit college football to learn the ins and outs of strength and conditioning. While doing so I continued to love training and decided to enter into competitive powerlifting in 2014. While competing I also began coaching in the fitness industry. I worked in the same facility for 6 years and was able to experience coaching a wide range of clientele with an array of different goals.

  1. Fat loss
  2. Injury Prevention
  3. Strength
  4. Function.

As I continued to educate myself in strength and conditioning and rack up hours and hours of coaching experience I learned a common denominator among my own personal training career and others. Typically, everyone got better when they got stronger. So I am now a man out to change each person’s perspective on what strength means to them. One deadlift PR at a time.